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New website up and running

The design of the site, thanks to Gentry Smith Design, it is flexible in that it allows me to upload current projects on the fly. This was not an easy process on my old site, as I do not know code whatsoever. So it sat there on the web collecting virtual dust. An up grade has been long overdue.

Some things to keep in mind while navigating the site. In the projects section of the site, each project has multiple images that automatically cycle through. If you hover the mouse cursor over an image, it will pause the cycling of the images. There are small circles or dots at the bottom of each image. You can click on the dots to cycle to an image. If you click on an image, it will open the image in a separate window. You will see icons in the upper right and lower right of the image. The upper right icon will enlarge the image to full resolution. The lower right icon will close out the image. When the image is enlarged, you may have to use the scroll bars to locate the icons.

If you are an architect, developer or product designer, please peruse my library of images. My goal when doing renderings, is to achieve a realistic image that can aid while conveying your design to others. If you are an artist, feel free to leave constructive criticism and advice. I am always willing to learn.

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