Golf Clubhouse

3D Modeling and Rendering

A photorealistic rendering is a great tool that can be used to express your project’s vision accurately.¬† It has been our experience, working with architects and developers, the renderings we provide have been instrumental in achieving the required approvals to move their projects forward through the municipal entitlement process.

Perspective Renderings


3D architectural renderings, interior and exterior, provide a way to visualize your project as it would be experienced by its users. These can be daytime or nighttime exposure. We add entourage to the renderings as needed consisting of cars, location specific landscape and people. To get started, please provide a floor plan, building elevations, roof plan, site plan and landscape/ hardscape plan. These files can be in PDF format for the quote, but it is best if we are given DWG files to generate the 3D model. Please note the viewpoint on the site plan and draw an arrow emanating from the viewpoint to show the extent of the desired view.

Aerial Renderings


An aerial rendering is a powerful communication tool. We help coordinate with a local aerial photographer, near the project site, to fly around the site at various altitudes and take high resolution photographs. Once the building model is built in the computer, we match the perspective of the model to the perspective of the aerial photograph. Then when the final rendering is completed, it is superimposed and composited into the aerial photo. The project site and building now sit accurately within their context.

Photo Montage Renderings

2_CSHPGThis service combines an eye level perspective rendering and a photograph taken at the existing site conditions. In the example rendering, the building model is aligned to match the perspective of the high resolution photograph. The parking garage and landscape are then rendered and superimposed over a photograph of the actual site. These types of renderings are helpful by showing a project within its surroundings making it a great tool for communicating your project to neighborhood or city officials.